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Let your imagination run wild

"Do I see a robot...? Yes, I think he IS one!"

Did you ever think about how your privacy will look in the near future? Now and then you hear in the media about new technological developments among different fields. "Advanced technology" is closer then ever to our personal life. And not only in industry and within medical surgery fields.

In a country like Japan for example they seem to develop one of the most advanced humanoid robots. Some points for attention are: recognize emotions, interact with people, speak and answer as a human being, sensors in the skin to feel even a touch and translate the intention..?

They can even have a soft skin!

These are just some thoughts coming up. While at the same time you hear more and more about the functionality of a house-robot.

What? A robot in your house, my house.. Should everybody need a robot in their home in the future?

How are they programmed? Do they listen to people and will they be helpfull with many tasks in the house.

Will they learn more and more and even understand people more then they understand themselves?

How far will we go with development concerning some sensitivity and social contact between a robot and people? Feelings....Can a robot in the future really have feelings too, as a result of build-in sensors and advanced programming? Will they protect us when we are home alone..?

At least I hope we keep the possibility to recognize the difference between a human or a robot when we look at the outside. 

These are just some of my own reflections to share with you. 

Thanks for reading!

And if you feel like write me and give a response to it after reading this, you are welcome to do so. (see my contact info )

I made this animation some years ago!
But it can still be a hot issue.

"Humanoid Robot or Transformation?"

Mar3D animation Robot-Human

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